Welcome to Karkonosze !

Welcome to Karkonosze

Welcome to the enchanted land of the Mountain Spirit, many fascinating tales, and a spectacular natural environment. Encounter a world that can only be experienced at the top, with air that cannot be found elsewhere, and open yourself to a place where you can truly be free. Karkonosze is a place where nobody pretends to be someone else.

Whether it is sunny or cloudy, whether it is raining or snowing, in the winter or during the summer – discover this land with us and explore some wonderful sights.

The region in a nutshell

Karkonosze (or Giant Mountains) are the highest mountain range in the Sudetes located in Lower Silesia in the south-west of Poland. Karkonosze form a central part of the Western Sudetes and stretch for over 40km.

The mountain range is enclosed by the Szklarska Pass followed by the Jizera Mountains in the west, while by the Lubawska pass and the Krucze Mountains in the east. It borders the Jelenia Góra Valley in the north, through Kowarska Pass paired with Rudawy Janowickie in the north-east, while faced by Karkonosze Foothills in the south.

Karkonosze cover an area of 650 km2, 70% of which is located in the Czech Republic. Poland shares 185km2 of the area respectively.

The border between Poland and the Czech Republic runs along the Main and Lasocki Ridges. Śnieżka (1603 m) is the highest point of the mountain range. It is additionally the highest point in the Czech Republic, the Sudetes, the Lower Silesian Voivodship and Silesia as a whole.

Karkonosze are part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves, and Karkonosze National Park and Krkonoše National Park have been established in the area as sites for nature conservation.

Hiking trails for everyone

You will be enchanted by a range of spectacular panoramas, peaks of varying heights, glacial basins, wide plains, gentle hills covered with dwarf mountain pine, murmuring streams and centuries-old forests, just to name a few. Karkonosze offer a trail appropriate to the skills and expectations of everyone.

Detailed descriptions of routes, along with photographs and practical information to help you plan your trip, can be found on the following website: promocujemykarkonosze.pl.

Waterfalls, ponds, and rocks

Karkonosze do not only offer tens of kilometres of breath-taking hiking trails (around 120km in the Karkonosze National Park alone), but also many majestic waterfalls, glacial lakes, and stunning rock formations.

Some of the most famous waterfalls include Kamieńczyk Waterfall, Szklarka Waterfall, Podgórna Waterfall, and on the Czech side Mumlavský Waterfall, Labský Waterfall, and Pančavský Waterfall.

There are some spectacular glacial lakes on the Polish side of the border – Wielki Staw i Mały Staw oraz charming Śnieżne Stawki.

The rocks and cliffs, that amount to over a 150 in total, are one of the most recognisable and stunning features of the mountain range.

Some tourists visit the region solely to explore these extravagant rock formations. Some of the most recognisable and popular rock formations include Pielgrzymy, Słonecznik, Trzy Świnki, Twarożnik, Końskie Łby or Śląskie Kamienie.

Photographs taken by Agnieszka Gierus

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